Our manifesto

Yoo want it, Yoo got it.

Yoo need it, Yoo find it.

Yoo give it, Yoo get it.

Yoo take it, Yoo keep it.

Yoo know it, Yoo have it.

Yoo swap it, Yoo share it.

Yoo make it, Yoo earn it.

Yoo love it, Yoo Yoosit.

Stay, explore, and experience the city without spending a penny

Why pay for stuff and services if you can borrow, lend, and share them? That is the idea behind free-commerce platform Yoosit. Whether it’s staying at someone’s private house or sharing a workspace; borrowing someone’s unused car, bike or boat; or getting a tour, private yoga or cooking class, Yoosit connects people. Instead of a money-based reward system, Yoosit operates on a system of points, reviews, and mutual trust.

Yoosit is an online platform that lists places to stay, ways to get around the city, and personal experiences that can be exchanged for points. The way to earn points is by listing your own stuff or leaving reviews. Perfect for both locals who want less stuff and travellers wanting to live like a local, Yoosit allows people to stay, explore, and experience the city without spending a penny.

Being part of a free-commerce community like Yoosit means that you will have everything the city offers at your fingertips, but it’s also here to make a change in the way you think about consumerism. However big or small your involvement in Yoosit, borrowing and lending what you really need instead of buying everything you want is making an impact!

Mutual trust: meet & make a deal

Thanks to Yoosit, those wanting to share and those looking to borrow can meet each other online, converse and make a deal. By working with a system of points and reviews instead of monetary rewards, we keep Yoosit as a communal platform based on mutual trust.

Here are our top tips for cyber safety: